Anatomy can be a hard concept for students to master, whether at the high school or college level. It often involves long hours spent with a textbook or in a cadaver lab — both of which can be helpful at certain times but boring and time-consuming at others. Studying anatomy in a hands-on way is often challenging, but ARnatomy is a new app that’s here to help. 

A new approach deserves new technology, and that’s exactly what ARnatomy brings to the table. Utilizing object recognition and Augmented Reality, ARnatomy is a stepping stone to the future of anatomy education. The app uses the device’s camera to detect and identify a part of the user’s body, then utilizes AR to overlay an anatomical feature on the user. In its current iteration, ARnatomy can detect a human hand and overlay a skeletal hand over it.

ARnatomy is easy to use and easy to learn, and can give students and instructors a leg up when trying to study or teach.