Android Union

December 8, 2018

This semester, our team was tasked with working with the Android technology to develop an app. The New Media Institute has never utilized this platform before, so our team was the first to delve into the exciting world of Android. At the brainstorming table, we knew that we wanted to create an app that would be useful and serve a purpose. So, we needed a client. . .

We chose to work with University Union, UGA’s student programming board because they hold a lot of events on campus that are targeted towards UGA students but they didn’t have a cohesive place for students to access their events. Our solution to this was to create a fully functioning calendar app that would allow students to access Union’s events! After doing research on our target market, we realized that only 14% of UGA’s student body have Android devices, so in order to incorporate a larger percentage of our target market, we made our app cross platform, meaning that it works on both Android and iOS devices!