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Join us on Thursday, April 30 at 3:30P for the first-ever online-only end-of-semester New Media Institute Space SLAM. All the goodness of SLAM that you know and love—exciting projects, alumni pals, and industry insiders—but with a virtual, intergalactic twist. 

Our faculty and students have come together to create an engaging live online event that’ll be out of this world! Check out the innovative technology-based solutions our capstone students have worked diligently on all semester, all from the comfort of your preferred internet-connected device with the Zoom app. To receive the meeting link for this event, simply RSVP at the link below!

3:20P Pre-Launch: Zoom Channel Opens to Public

3:30P Blast-Off: Welcome & Capstone Presentations

4:15P Mission Celebration: Certificate & Awards

Tallassee Park

Kriti Lodh
Chris Martinez
Hollie Mitchell
Jack Towery
Lucia Vereen

Picture Window

Natalie Garcia
Claudia Goodwin
Gillian Howe
Jonathan Munneke
Katie Quinn

Innovation District

Darby Ashe
Sneha Gubbala
Hailee Miller
Christy Onanuga
Anna Grace Robinson


Hannah Barry
Anika Chaturvedi
Gemma DiCarlo
Stacey Elliott
Tseyon Sisay

Arch Ready

Todd Gallert
Saloni Gupta
Madison McColl
Lindsey Van Etten
Evan Whitehead


Hans Bhavan
Austin Eller
Natalie Ferguson
Aysha Jerald
Isaiah Joseph
Sarah Leonard


Ryan Bechtel
Mckenzie Lovelace
Amy Scott
Madeline Zimmer

ORLT Drone Studies

Gavin Hua
Danny Kim
Emily Lanoue
Shelby Womack

Bear Hollow Zoo

Madison Andrews
Katie Knickerbocker
Gayeon Ko
Dylan Latsha
Logan Mooney
Alexandra Nguyen
Rosemary Scott

Smart Home

Chad Cain
Gabby Melfi
Anabel Prince
Savanna Schmidt
Chloe Schonfeld

Let’s Chat

Kaitlyn Fellows
Liz Conway


Tyler Hammaren
Mia Hoffman
Imara Peroti
Jaylen Spidell

Onboard UGA

Gennifer Allen
Dara Carr
Liz Habersham
Claire Philpott
Kassidy A. Thomas

Christian Guerrero
Jennifer Nguyen
Morgan Riemersma
Dane Smith
Megan Wahn

FORTO Coffee

Sydney Aaron
Ashley Carter
Bezawit Haileyesus
Keagan Ross
Katie Wallace

YOTS Podcast

Cydney White

Industry professionals, click the button below to get in touch with any of our amazing students!

The New Media Institute’s Space SLAM site has been designed as a loving tribute to Warner Bros.’ 1996 classic film Space Jam and its fabulous website.