SLAM is an end-of-semester showcase that celebrates student projects and certificate recipients. This celebration is an incredible opportunity for students to demonstrate how “technowledgeable” they have become during their Certificate journey and to show off a semester of hard work. A host of industry guests and NMI alumni from near and far attend for a day of showcasing, networking, reminiscing and interviewing job-seeking certificate students.

This Spring, SLAM will take place on May 7th from 12:30P – 4P in the Delta Innovation Hub.


Grace Milam, Jillian Smalls, Katie Dang, Maddy Franklin, and Madison Pruitt


Caleb Smith, Caroline Umila, Enid Truong, John Nicholas Williams, and Sherry Liang

FBNEGA Digitization

Caroline Price, Ella Malone, Ellina Berman, Lydia Burns, Rachel Puvvada


Anna Slaughter, Chau Luu, Lena Soenke, Sirui Wang

Georgia Seafood On My Mind

Carson Reynolds, Cierra Cordak, Hunter Lanius, Sam Perez, and Tallie Pietragallo

Glory Days: Before the Hedges

Camille Hensley, Garrett Tyler, Halleigh Woods, Jason Woodworth-Hou, and Mary Cameron Selle

GymDogs Experience 2.0

Erin Johnson, Isabella Filos, Rachel Hasson, Rob Whaley, and Xiaoyu ‘Fish’ Zhu

Historical Clothing and Textiles Collection

Anna Rayford, Hyemi Byun, Maggie Ivy, Tara Parsa, Trent Barron

Mapping Occupation

Courtney Yap, Debora Park, Hayley Croke, Linoy Celolichin, and Patricia Lozada


Berkeley Chandler, Charan Ramachandran, Emma Robinson, Netanya Hill, Phoebe Finch

Slack API

Abdul Shalabi, Anna Jefferson, Jennifer Hoang, and Riley Parks

Wild Earth Camp

Jenna Gold, Rylie Geraci, Savanna Smith, Spence Johnstone, and Stephanie Lopez


Daniel Copetillo, Darby Ashe, Katie Cowart, Cesar Moncada