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Step into SLAM Arcade, an interactive realm of awesome, multiplayer, student-crafted tech projects!

For those new to the game, SLAM is an end-of-semester celebration dedicated to showcasing incredible projects from our New Media Certificate and Emerging Media Masters students.

Choose your player and Zoom in — no tokens needed!  Save the date and spread the word before it’s GAME OVER! Questions? Race into our email inbox (nmi@uga.edu) or double-jump into our DMs.

Join us on May 7th at 3:30P on YouTube.

ACC Kiosk

Briley Mahler, Collier Lokey, Ellen Zhang, Griffin Riekel, Roya Behzadi

ACC Transit Web App

Emma Kate Shelton, Jocelyne Roblero, Olivia Thomas, Sydney Waters, Tyra Bertrand

Athens Little Free Pantry

Rachel Larson

Athens Creative Directory

Kaila Marcus, Nolan Winter, Obiwanne Ajuebor, Paris Johnson, Shaz Molu

Athens Public Art

Alex Weisberg, Brian Woolfolk, Katherine Lee, Nhilynn Nguyen, Zachary Cauley


Paris Johnson

The Bonnie Heretics

Carlie Horn, Chelsey Horn


Andy Johnston, Crysta Jones, Rohit Rammohan

Food Access Athens

Geoffrey Dodd, Grant Mitchell, Mallory Cromer, Savannah Sicurella, Shania Shelton

Georgia Grasslands Initiative

Erin O’Reilly, Hope Kelley, Lauren Heise, Matthew Gay

Georgia Gullah Geechee

Caela Gray, Jonny Mata, Laks Panditaratne, Luke Lashley, Matthew Hamil

Georgia River Network

Abbey Vanderpoel, Anna Debowski, Melissa Wright, Nina Vu, Tyler Kitchens

Gymdogs Experience

Andy Walsh, Anna McCarthy, Bradley Howard, Rob Philo, Victoria Sturges

Historical Clothing and Textile

Autumn Pressley, Ellie Knoll, Kyle Helsing, Mack Brown, Natalie Dutton


Alison Jibilian, Ev Andrews, Olivia Carino

One Fifty One, Inc.

Brady Eastin


Patty Irizarry, Victoria Powell

Stay or Leave

Bailey Pelletier, Dylan Smith, Kamiru Ndirangu, Mimi Cooper, Xigui Yang, Zahria Holmon


Madison Andrews, Sydney Ross

Two One Way

Annie Lim, Henry Queen, Lily Guthrie, Mary Rose Provence, Simon Beckham

UGA Desegregation

Alex English, Bristol King, Chelsea Perry, Frank Wu, Meghan Dougherty

UGA for Apple Watch

Tyler Mazurek