SLAM is an end-of-semester showcase that celebrates student projects and certificate recipients. This celebration is an incredible opportunity for students to demonstrate how “technowledgeable” they have become during their Certificate journey and to show off a semester of hard work. A host of industry guests and NMI alumni from near and far attend for a day of showcasing, networking, reminiscing and interviewing job-seeking certificate students.

This Fall, SLAM will take place on December 10 from 12:30P – 4P in the Delta Innovation Hub.


Ally Gray, Kara Talcott, Meredith Kennedy, and Yana Obiekwe

Code for Athens

Heather McAbee, Jackie Jefferson, Jess L’Hommedieu, Jordan McGuire, and Molly Shapiro

Fishes of Georgia

Ana Chirinos, Andreas Marsh, Erin Logsdon, Kate Sullivan, and Merryn Ruthling

FoodBank NEGA

Ali Brusenhan, Chase Crawford, Leon Greenburg, Maddie Daniel, and Megan Peta


Grace Ann Geer, Rachael Powers, Michelle Ortiz, Raven Mitchell, Alex Aldana

Live Cards

Colin Bergen, Jeff Kelsch, Lizzie Wamsley, and Melissa Hermes

Realistic Powered by Shaw

Aries Aviles, Grace Eberhard, Katherine Crocker, Lauren Pike, and Mariel Walts

Studio Not Found

Alaina O’Regan, Carlton Yarborough, Carrie Jordan, Emily Petraglia, and Jane Lian

Traditions Highway

Alise Crittendon, Brandon Banke, Hallie Turner, Jessie Hoang, and Sydney Laughlin

UGAHacks Mobile App

Aidan Bradley, Allyn Haynes, Colt Yeargin, Jeffery John, and Rayna Sklar


Caroline Bufano, Emma Przybysz, Journee Edwards, Mary Catherine Meno, Maya Giro, and Morgan Wiese

Xperience Room

Brian Hall, Carlie Gambino, Jessica Perry, Sara Castro, and Simran Patel