The New Media Institute has always been dedicated to making things work and with your support, we can make things work better. We are always seeking to collaborate with alumni, industry allies, and corporate partners. If you’re interesting in getting involved with the Institute, there are many opportunities to contribute.


Support the NMI with the most valuable resource of all—your time! Share your industry insight with our Digital Brown Bag class, experience our end-of-semester SLAM, or guide NMI efforts as a member of the advisory council.


Team up with us! For students to practice building real-world solutions, they must firsts be faced with real-world problems. If your organization is interested in exploring the integration of new media, partner with us on a capstone project or class initiative.


To ensure certificate students are truly technowledgable, we must provide access to the latest gadgets— but this is something we can not do alone. All donations support the next generation of new media leaders.

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