Fantastic New Faculty

September 1, 2019

While the NMI’s crazy initiatives and bold undertakings increase each and every year, the faculty team, bursting at the seams, has not. Until now [drumroll please]…

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re beyond excited to officially welcome the NMI’s latest and greatest addition to the squad, Leah Moss! No stranger to the NMI, Leah pioneered the EM waters in the first Emerging Media Masters cohort while spearheading the Georgia Drone Summit as an NMI Grad Assistant. After a brief hiatus working at UGA Public Service and Outreach, Leah has returned to advance the rapidly growing Emerging Media program and to continue designing curriculum that matches the fast-paced industry. Additionally, Leah is teaching a variety of New Media Certificate courses, crafting NMI communication efforts, and serving as Faculty Chair to the NMI Advisory Council.

When she’s not busy advising EM students or penning witty tweets, you can find Leah listening to the latest episode of Reply All or cuddling with her beloved corgi, Pixel. Welcome home, Leah! We know you’ll be helping the NMI soar to new heights.