NMIX 4111: Apple Release Viewing Party

September 30, 2015
In NMIX 4111: New Media Design, students explore and discover what makes great
design as they master the tools to create it. Taking their knowledge into the new media realm, students learn how layout and composition, imagery, typography, and interactive elements work together to create not only an exemplary product but an experience worth diving into.
However, sometimes it’s refreshing, intriguing, and educational to step outside of the classroom and learn from an industry leader who knows design and knows how to show it off. So that’s what we did! New Media Design students as well as other intrigued students throughout the NMI took a break from class. We gathered around the Apple Special Event livestream to watch Tim Cook and his crew show us what great design and presentation looks like as they announced their new 2015 product lines.
The students actively listened as they critiqued the new products, taking note of design highlights as well as room for improvement. This event shaped and stimulated students’ opinions on design, these opinions lead to great discussion, and this discussion resulted in a learning experience that was unique, captivating, and all around fun!