Frequently Asked Questions

What are stickers?

Stickers are a new feature for iMessage and allow users to peel and drag various stickers and animations onto messages and photos to their friends.

Where can I download the app?

You can download the app in the iTunes Store or on the App Store on your iPhone. Search "UGA Stickers" in the App Store.

Does the app cost money?

Nope, the UGA Stickers app is free!

Where can I place stickers?

Stickers can be placed on messages, photos, and other stickers. They can also be sent by themselves.

Are stickers available for Android?

Stickers are only available for iPhones with the iOS 10 update.

Why can’t I access stickers on apps other than iMessage?

Stickers are currently only accessible through iMessage.

Where can I get the iOS 10 update?


Can I use stickers on my iPad?

Yes, stickers are available through iMessage on any iOS 10 device.

Can I send stickers to users who do not have the app?

Yes! Stickers will appear on their device and give the option to download the UGA Stickers app through iMessage.

Will there be more stickers available in later updates?

There are currently 33 stickers in the pack. The team is working to add more as the season goes on.

How did the UGA Stickers app come about?

This app is the product of a collaboration between UGA Athletics and a team of students from UGA’s New Media Institute. Learn more about the project here


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